Exhibition Invitation | Adams invites you to visit the China (Guangzhou) Customized Home Furnishings Exhibition together


  • Adams X 13th China Guangzhou Customized Home Furnishings Exhibition
    Time: March 27th to March 30th, 2024
    Booth number: 5B12
    Address: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center

New year's heavyweight product unveiled

At this year's China (Guangzhou) Customized Home Furnishings Exhibition, Adams' popular products will shine, such as the G01 hinge, GS19 hinge, thick side panel series hinge, MA series slide rail, and MK series slide rail. With excellent performance and quality, these hardware products have already won widespread praise in the market. These products not only have innovative designs, but also showcase Adams' craftsmanship in the details.

At that time, we will also launch a series of brand new hardware products. The new products embody the hard work and wisdom of our team. They not only possess new technological elements, but also boldly innovate in functionality and design. Whether it's the unique features or the minimalist appearance, it will bring you an unprecedented hardware experience.

New exhibition hall and new layout

In this exhibition, the Adams booth is presented in a brand new posture in the venue. The implementation of this new design scheme not only injects a strong sense of technology into the exhibition hall, but also highlights the unique high-end quality of the Adams booth.

Every detail within the booth exudes a high-quality atmosphere. The booth design is simple yet elegant, with light and shadow intertwined, showcasing an ultimate geometric beauty that connects the exhibits closely with the audience, allowing people to feel the infinite charm brought by Adams hardware products in interaction.

Adams' booth perfectly blends technology and aesthetics, presenting only a visual feast for you. Welcome to Adams booth 5B12 and embark on this wonderful journey of combining hardware and technology with us!

Inviting visitors to the booth:
Adams: 5B12
We are full of expectations and will make an appointment with you as scheduled