On March 27th, the 13th China (Guangzhou) Customized Home Furnishings Exhibition opened grandly at the Poly World Trade Fair in Guangzhou. Adams showcases his 2024 star new product at booth number 5B12, and we look forward to your arrival.

2024 New Product Amazing Debut

The fusion of quality and aesthetics

At this exhibition, Adams' products were particularly eye-catching. On the booth, there is a wide variety of star products such as hinges and slides, not only of high quality, but also of innovative design, fully meeting the personalized needs of different customers. Among the many exhibits, new hardware products such as G01 hinge, GS19 hinge, thick side panel series hinge, MA series slide rail, and MK series slide rail have undoubtedly become the focus. They not only have a stylish appearance, but also excellent performance, adding a touch of brightness to home life. The debut of these new products not only enhances the practicality and aesthetics of home furnishings, but also demonstrates Adams' innovative power.

The brand new exhibition hall makes a stunning debut
Building a beautiful interactive experience

At this grand event, Adams' exhibition hall design was also eye-catching, with modern lines and a simple and atmospheric atmosphere complementing each other. Adams staff were enthusiastic and patiently answered the audience's questions, providing professional consultation and services, allowing every audience to feel the warmth and sincerity of the Adams brand.

The exhibition will last for 4 days, and the Adams team sincerely invites you to [booth number: 5B12] to explore the infinite possibilities of hardware customization with us!